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OTT Dead On Review

LOCATION: Belfast, Northern Ireland

DATE: 23/02/2020

Nothing was terrible, but nothing was great either.

The opener with Session Moth Martina and Paddy M taking on Club Tropicana was very entertaining. Senza Volto also had a very good debut for the company in a losing effort to Omari.

I have no idea how the GN champ Adam Flex Maxted hasn’t been put under contract anywhere. Not only does he have an amazing look, he’s also really athletic and can go in the ring.

With the absence of Tyler Bate, Trent Seven teamed up with B Cool to successfully defend the OTT tag titles against Only True Pros by disqualification. This was the first time the tag titles have been defended in a long time as Tyler Bate (or WWE) has made a habit of pulling out of shows he’s been booked on at the last minute. With Scrappermania cancelled due to the coronavirus, it seems that OTT will never get the belts off Trent Seven and Tyler Bate at this rate.

Main event was decent. Thumbs in the middle for the show.

Club Tropicana beat Session Moth & Paddy M


Mark Haskins beat Calum Black


Omari beat Senza Volto


Sammi Jayne beat Kasey Owens


Trent Seven & B Cool beat Only True Pros


Adam Flex Maxted beat Bonesaw to retain the GN title.


David Starr beat Damien Corvin to retain the OTT title.