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OTT Kings, Monsters, and Bastards Review

LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland

DATE: 15/02/2020

Tony King had some great lines on commentary during this one.

“I learned Spanish growing up from watching Scarface.”

“That’s not a movie for children.”

“No, but it’s good for learning Spanish. It’s like Rosetta Stone with guns and coke.”

He also had another peach when a wrestler got major height on his top rope dive.

“To say the sky’s the limit would be unfair, cause there’s footprints on the moon.”

This was a really fun show on the entertainment side of things, but was also solid in the match department too. Some great fan interactivity in a couple of the bouts. The OJMO & Omari Vs Scotty Davis & Calum Black match at one stage opened itself up to suplex requests from the audience. A different match had the fans demanding flips out of the participants. They even got an attempt at a standing moonsault from referee Niall Fox after much chanting.

The main event with David Starr taking on Jeff Cobb is definitely worth going out of your way to see. They slowly build the match into a big fight feel and you can feel the crowd become more and more absorbed as it goes on. Absolutely fantastic promo for David Starr afterwards too. Thumbs up.

Mark Haskins beat Captain Sexsea, and Justy


The OJMO & Omari beat Calum Black & Scotty Davis


Paddy M beat Eddie Kingston by disqualification


Amy Allonsy beat Debbie Keitel, and Session Moth Martina


Liam Royal beat B Cool


More Than Hype beat The Flip Bros & El Phantasmo


David Starr Vs Jeff Cobb