Sun. May 29th, 2022


The best of wrestling from Europe

OTT Stickin’ Out

LOCATION: Belfast, Northern Ireland

DATE: 05/01/2020

There are some bad audio issues on the commentary for this one. Bad enough to the point I stopped listening to it. At times it’s low volume, and at other times it fades out entirely.

OTT do great comedy. The B Cool Vs Cara Noir match was almost like a stand up comedy set disguised as a wrestling match. B Cool is probably one of the most naturally charismatic guys on the European scene right now. His opponent, Cara Noir, has a spectacular, eye catching entrance.

Travis Banks is great in the opener as the reluctant partner to Club Tropicana that eventually gives in and takes part in their shenanigans.

Omari Vs The OJMO took a while to get going, but finished quite strong.

The main event was fantastic fun and the crowd got really into it. Adam Flex Maxted had a really good outing against Mark Haskins and took home OTT GN gold.

There was one other title change on the card with Sammii Jayne taking the women’s title away from Katey Harvey. The crowd seemed a little deflated at the end of that one. They either did not expect the title to change or they didn’t expect the finish to come where it did.

Some top entertainment all round, and decent matches at the top end of the card.

More Than Hype beat Club Tropicana & Travis Banks


Cara Noir beat B Cool


Sammii Jayne beat Katey Harvey to win the OTT Women’s Championship


Omari beat The OJMO


Scotty Davis beat Shota Umino to retain the NLW title


Only True Pros beat Kings of the North


Adam Flex Maxted beat Mark Haskins to win the OTT GN title